Anonymous said: you're a qt

Y tnku

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Anonymous said: My guy is out of town and he wants a video. As a guy what would you want on a nice little sexy video? I just need some ideas

Strip tease? Some toys?

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But remember kids, using drugs is not without risks. If you smoke weed for example dogs will look down on you and it’s very possible a non pot smoking alien will steal your girlfriend.

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Anonymous said: Lazzyyy eyyeeeee

I have one yes?

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Anonymous said: Dude! Lets be friends Smoke weed and have amazing sex! Yes? Yes.


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I am in a dark place lately






why is it called “coming out of the closet”? what were u doing in the closet anyway?? 

sucking cock

not to be racist but my best friend is gay and i do not think she would appreciate that comment.

since when is homosexuality a race 

She said she wasn’t being racist do you even read

This 😂

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